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So I managed get the cost of this wn from $7997 for you all the way wn $1997 (Hang on – I’ve got a special introducry offer for you day…) But that’s t all you’re going get I’ve got even more secrets and strategies give you in this system… I’ve pulled gether ather 8 hours of audio where you’ll discover secrets and techniques from myself and other master gurus on attraction on how avoid all the pain of relationships – and ensure that women never leave you Here are some of the bonus programs included in the “Masters Series” Stealth Techniques section of the program: The Secret Reasons Why Women Have Sex – Bonus Seminar I’ve arranged for you get my special audio course the “Secret Reasons Why Women. 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Source: Market Uncle   Be rewarded gorgeous views of the flora fauna and cityscape as you start trekking upwards from the foot of Mount Faber Bits and pieces of Singapore and her hisry come life at the stretch of copper-oled murals beneath the summit’s platform Trudge on a little more and brace yourself for a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Singapore’s skyline at the peak! Mental te self: Sp procrastinating and start some intense leg work already.  Getting Here: If you're coming by car it's recommended  park along Mount Faber Loop From there you can take scenic walk up Faber Peak Singapore For directions by foot head on the official website. “…carlos you’re the MAN… I’m serious man girls are w looking at me calling out after me waving at me in class approaching ME and want find out what I’M about You helped me go from needy boy centered man who esn’t crave attention and give up my energy… and this is all about a WHOLE LOT MORE than just seduction Thanks man – Deep Love you… I can’t thank you eugh man”Peter K "You are absolutely right on " TESTIMONIAL FROM A WOMAN: “Carlos You are absolutely right on about what women want… I have been getting your newsletters and had a chance listen a teleseminar you gave just before the Super Conference in Vegas… Keep up the great work!”Cindy E - Michigan Tucked away in the rthern tip of Singapore of Sembawang Air Base this natural hot spring evokes a rustic element for those who come for its water. The waters here are believed have healing properties so it is a common sight see visirs collecting pails of hot spring water. Source: william Cho The coastal park here is friendly people of all ages - it has a 400-meter long jetty - the longest jetty in Singapore - where people can fish and a multi-generational playground for the young and old Besides these activities you can picnic fly kites and practice your phography! You can read more about Woodlands Waterfront Park here   47. Uncover Tales at Bukit Brown   Mount Huashan - The Most Terrifying Plankwalk in the universe. P.p.s.: Women are t as complicated as you think In fact when you discover how put an end her mood swings sexual resistance and mind games you’ll be able read her like a book – and never be surprised or caught off-guard again Get more sex love and affection after you get your exclusive access my proven Training Program.  P.P.P.S.: n’t Be TRICKED in thinking: “This can’t work. I even applied some of these attitudes at work and received some more respect from people who would usually be nagging bitches Grow a pair of balls get yourself gether and take these steps You’re t getting younger and if you wanna avoid seeing your favorite girl humping some badboy hunk be my guest But the sooner you make these changes the better it is…”Simon J "They all deliver " “… Everything you put out there is great I bought a lot of your products – and they all deliver…”Shawn S "I can't thank you. A: Definitely The Training Program is packed full of "ne-for-you" example and ideas Most of the program is PRACTICAL stuff you can actually use right away out having study a bunch of theory While you'll unubtedly want "adapt" some stuff make it really work for your – or the women you’re interested in you won’t be bogged wn in a bunch of theory As I like say "The system works so you n't have " Q: Will your system work for guys who have been a woman for a loooong time o? A: Yup It esn’t matter if you’ve been your woman for a year or fifty years The techlogy is new but the principles I teach you are absolutely timeless What women want from men really esn’t change. 16 Places FREE FLOW FOOD! Endless Truffle Fries Bubble Tea We just need a simple guide understanding women and female psychology You’ve put all this energy in going out and meeting women approaching women getting phone numbers going out on dates Hours and hours learning how attract women the right way w why would you let all that effort and pain go waste by letting it crumble away beneath you? Well the answer is: If you knew how you wouldn’t let that happen Because the reality is that: Keeping A Is t The Same As Seducing Her - Or Working “Pickup” On Her… The fact is that the skills you need “pickup” a woman or seduce her will t help you keep her as your The one thing most guys might t admit – but they long for – is that they actually. How I Spent Just $200 On Accommodation Traveling Europe Source: Garmin Mnd runs #instawalks regularly and they are completely free take part in As the #instawalk name implies this is a casual walk filled instagram moments! The goal? showcase the beauty and nature of Singapore on Instagram The team from TheSmartLocal will be helping organise the first ever #Instawalk at Pulau Ubin (pictured above) and it will be completely free join! If you've never been Pulau Ubin before w's a great time discover the lovely island that time left behind Transport guides and refreshments will be provided and joining in the will be three popular influencers.  Source:. Source: SG New Wave Cafe-hopping? Pfft Go museum-hopping instead! If you didn't kw Singaporeans and PRs get visit 5 Museums in Singapore. Bikini Girls 184 videos Emo 459 videos Latina Source: william Cho  You'll also be able wnload the e-books of the Training Program your hard drive as well as all the mind-maps from the program What's an e-book? An e-book or a digital book is simply an electronic version of a book that you wnload and save your computer Instead of going the booksre or waiting for the mail deliver a hard copy book you get instant access your product through the magic of the internet (It's a lot like using a "Kindle" if you've seen one of those But you n't need a special device read the ebooks.) You'll only need the Abe PDF reader view these wnloads which is installed on most newer computers - and free everyone Once you place your order you'll be taken a page instructions on how access the Training Program materials. Maybe you’ve had s before – and they all seem end the same way: You feel that sinking fear in your smach that she’s starting lose interest in you She becomes more disapproving every day and the attraction fades out and dies… OR Your current is starting take over the relationship and w you’re on a wild ride wn some rapids that will probably dump you out of the raft and have you swimming for your life… You n’t need a crystal ball see what’s coming right? You just want your girl back The way were at the start You want control back And you want sp feeling like you’re about go over the waterfalls in a barrel… All you want is a that. For scaredy cats out there like me venture Bukit Brown in day time while the sun’s still hanging high in the sky This place oozes so much hisry and heritage I can’t fathom why some of the graves were allowed be exhumed This Chinese municipal cemetery houses mbs belonging famous persons such as Gan Eng Seng and Chew Joo Chiat who’ve made their mark in Singapore’s hisry It's also home other Chinese members of our society rich and poor - making it the largest Chinese cemetery outside of China Although t my typical idea of this place is a real eye-opener for those of us who think Singapore has a very short hisry Tip: Bring lots of insect repellent!  You can find out more about Bukit Brown by reading our phojournal here. Here’s a quick preview of what you’re going get in your bonus “Secret Reasons Why Women Have Sex” program: Is completing a K-drama in 2 days flat considered a talent? The Coastal Settlement is one such example a hidden gem in the far east of Singapore They have both alfresco and in-house seating and their biggest appeal is its rustic charm Think vespas chandeliers ice kachang machines wooden frames warm light and an eclectic mix of old furniture Who wouldn't love just sit and relax in the stalgic atmosphere there?  Coastal Settlement's Address: 200 Netheravon Road Singapore 508529 If you're looking for more ideas on ulu places discover you can check our guide  14 ulu places take a road trip in Singapore.  Because any obvious method you use will be met resistance and tests and a lot of painful conflict If you’ve ever tried get someone something for you force before you probably kw how those techniques just n’t work That’s why most of those relationship self-help books always leave you in more pain than when you started If you have “talk it out” a woman you’re in for a hard fight in The Cage my friend Guess which one wins in the fight of words vs emotions? Emotions every time And they’re always HER emotions that walk away the trophy They are “stealth” techniques because she won’t ever realize until it’s o late that she’s getting a higher quality relationship than any of her s (And yes she’ll brag them – and they’ll be keeping an interested eye. It’s tempting fall back in limiting beliefs like “I’m t rich eugh,” or “I’m t tall eugh,” or any of those excuses The reality is that I have trained guys in these EXACT principles over and over again and they have worked for nearly every single man My experience has shown that if you wait get started on the path of learning the right method chances are you will simply never get started It’s o easy procrastinate You’ll always have a convenient excuse put it off right? If you keep going on the path you are w out any guidance you will probably NEVER figure out these secrets on your own It will take years of mistakes and trial & error And when you consider how expensive a divorce can be when she can take everything you own you really can’t afford go in any relationship a woman blindly. I n’t kw if I believe that it’s quite as high as 30% but even 1 in 10 is way o high of a chance take I kw you n’t want be a “duped dad” and fall in this trap – and the good news is that it never has happen you I’m going tell you something you need kw: I’ve Got “Insider” Info On Why Your Woman Will Cheat On You Or Dump You For Some Other Guy… I’m going reveal you something that I’m t proud of But it’s something you should kw about and it’s why I’m warning you about this situation Over the 20+ years of dating I’ve experienced I’ve also had a few flings women that already had boyfriends And one or two that were … shhh… married. You'll also receive a DVD copy of the videos and audio that I'll send you all the information contained in the program that you can watch and listen on your home computer - PC or Mac I'll even include the audiobook versions that you can listen on your iPod and the MP3 versions you can listen on ANY player you want So you'll get all three formats: video audio and ebook! You might be ready get started w If so just click the "Add Cart" butn you see below and you'll be digging in the system (and completely changing the way you interact your ) in just a few short minutes And remember you get 365 full days check out the system and decide if it's for you If t just email me (you'll get my private email form as part of the program) and I'll issue a full red and thank you for trying it out shenanigans. I never knew such a thing existed in Singapore At the Singapore Really Really Free Market every single item is up for grabs That means you can safely leave your wallets at home and extinguish any tiny bit of insecurity dancing around in your heart There’s a real kampung spirit here the spirit of giving evidently in the air How often you get acquire items legally at zero cost? However body likes a free-loader and paying the kindness forward is encouraged So bring your wares and set up your flea ‘booth’! There was also a ken workshop going on the last time my colleague went so you might even pick up a skill or two there Stay updated through their Facebook page. 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Te: there is free admission Bay East Garden Dragonfly & Kingfisher Lakes Far East Organization Children’s Garden World of Plants Heritage Gardens Sun Pavillion and Supertree Grove Click here for more details.  Read more reviews about Gardens by the Bay reviews. Source:     Dear Friend… "Training" a girl never lose her attraction? Getting all the sex ne of the drama? Sounds o good be true right? Guess what? It's T And I'm going prove it right here on this page you Look - have you ever lost a girl you were really in? OR are you afraid you’ll lose the right one when she comes along? Remember when you were out that hot sexy ny chick? She was cute and cool games or weirdness at all You had a good feeling about this one You couldn’t wait have her meet your friends You even found yourself planning stuff in the future her And Then Before It Even Started – It Was OVER She lost interest and spped calling She. Source: This ve-white architectural wonder sticks out like a sore thumb amidst high rise office buildings in the City Hall area The St Andrew’s Cathedral is the largest and oldest cathedral in Singapore This place of worship is also popular as a spot for weddings and pho-taking sessions Getting Here: You can reach St Andrew’s Cathedral by taking the MRT City Hall It is open from Monday Saturday 9am - 5pm Read more TSL reviews about St Andrew's Cathedral here. Source: eustaquio Santima A: That really depends on how committed you are ing this and how “coachable” you are right w Some guys who are already pretty close say this stuff is like a blast of napalm – getting her really addicted you almost immediately Couples who have drifted apart might take a bit longer start seeing results Once you put the simple 3-Step Process work for you in the Training Program you should start seeing some changes in her behavior almost immediately Q: I'm from (Insert country here) Will this program work for me? A: "Probably." The exterior of this temple projects sheer majestic elegance inspired by the Tang dynasty It's still a place of worship so you'll be in for a cultural experience as you get see devotees chanting in the large hall on the ground level The head monks pay attention you as they lead their procession It's almost as if you've put on an invisibility cloak and sneaked inside their secret world Buddha’s oth Temple draws Buddhist devotees from all over the world because it houses an alleged oth from Siddharta Gautama the founder of Buddhism located at the p level. Simple vegetarian fare is served for free here o although nations are welcomed.

Explore this pristine area teeming biodiversity and embrace all the goodness of nature Remember the cardinal rule: leave thing but footprints and take thing but memories.  We spotted a Wild Boar in the way Chek Jawa! Tip: Visit during low tides when you'll have greater opportunity see marine life. Guys get sucked in this trap women all the time and it’s about as as five hours in the dentist’s chair getting your teeth pulled out I’m going show you how avoid this disaster in just a second But there is one situation that’s worse and this one happens a lot more than we want admit Let’s say you manage avoid the friends-only zone her and you get her date you… WARNING: Your Will Lose Interest In You Until She Either Dumps You Or Cheats On You – UNLESS… It esn’t start out this way of course It’s always seems great in the beginning You’re hot for her & she’s hot for you You just can’t keep your hands off. 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If you’re suffering from insomnia or getting really bored at night go for a walk at Mustafa Centre What makes this a special place visit is the fact that it’s open 24/7 so you can be sure that security uncle is going chase you out.  The range of products available here is insane and they’re cheaper than most other places If you’ve seen Walmart on American shows and thought that Singapore esn’t have anything rival its size it’s time take a walk through Mustafa Centre.  Mustafa Centre is located near Little India MRT Station You can explore the sights at Little India as you make your way here Address: 145 Syed Alwi Road Singapore 207704 Read more TSL Mustafa Centre reviews. Source: Brian Flanagan  The Marina Barrage has been a hot spot for those in search for a place picnic and fly kites The vast grassy area is able accommodate many people so worries if you’re visiting on a public holiday or weekend.  Be awestruck as thoughts like ‘how they survive here?’ ‘OMG es rainwater get in their homes?’ and ‘here got wifi at?’ dance around your head once you set foot in Kampong Lorong Buangkok This is the kind of space that young Singaporeans have never seen Read about our journalist's full experience at Kampung Lorong Buangkok when we visited the area earlier this year  g Here: The Kampong is located near Gerald Drive off Yio Chu. "you will t be dissappointed " "I just bought the GTP course t kwing what expect This man over-delivers You will t be dissappointed He will save you lots of pain!"George “Get The Training Program day For Fast Results…” Bf vs GF 445 videos Big Ass 1049 videos Homemade This temple in Chinawn helms the title of being the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore! It is almost impossible for you miss this 6-srey elaborate colourful entrance wer that is heavily decorated gods goddesses and mythical creatures The most interesting thing is that devotees can pray from afar because of the wer’s visibility.  Visirs can head inside check out the shrines and deities and get this exotic experience first-hand!  Sri Mariamman Temple is located between Chinawn and Telok Ayer MRT stations so you can take a 5 minute walk from either of them Read more about Sri Mariamman Temple here. Located in the Kent Ridge campus at NUS this museum showcases Asian art and culture The perfect hideout for students who want escape the mundane academic readings or tedious lab reports or for those keen in learning more about the arts Members of the public can visit for free o! Directions: From Kent Ridge MRT station board NUS internal shuttle bus D2 OR Take bus service number 96 from Clementi Bus Interchange Alight opposite the University Cultural Centre and NUS Museum for both routes Read more TSL reviews about NUS Museum here. 52 in Singapore before you die and lose the chance forever Update: Registration is w over Look out for our. Whoever said there’s lush greenery in Singapore has never been MacRitchie This is literally greenery on a whole new level Take the chance check out the community of animals and plants at the capy level something that wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for this suspension bridge te that the Tree p Walk is only accessible from MacRitchie Reservoir Park via MacRitchie Nature Trail or from Venus Drive.  Tip: Avoid during srmy rainy days.  Read more TSL Macritchie Treep Walk reviews. You kw that a portion of the water you’re drinking comes from you-kw-where right? Visit the NEWater Visir Centre find out how they clean up the gunk and make it safe for drinking! Bet you won’t feel so grossed out after this little trip It's a great education experience for families Here's what TSL member Denise Chia had say about her experience: I remember detesting NEWater just because of the fact that it is recycled water - I used call it "bottled ilet water" Thinking it was dirty and unsanitary I used refuse drink NEWater That all changed after a school visit the NEWater Visir Centre.  Get your adrenaline pumping as you mountain-bike your way through 6km of and thrills The Bukit Timah Mountain Bike Trail has recently undergone resration works so it is w much safer for bikers embark on their adventure vigorous climbs and wnhill slopes this trail is perfect for the more experienced bikers.  Getting Here: The 2 preferred starting points are at the Visir Centre Carpark at Hindhede Road and at the Dairy Farm Car Park.   Find out more here. Remember bring insect repellent and lots of water there are a lot of insects and the weather can be scorching hot Read more Sungei Buloh reviews or check out more pictures at Jensen's Sungei Buloh Wetland Phojournal Address: 301 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718925 te: Entry is free on weekdays but a charge of $ for adults and $ for children is applicable on weekends and public holidays. Besides srkelling and swimming in clean waters visirs can picnic under shady palm trees or even apply for a camp permit here! Additionally NParks has designed Sisters Islands be a marine park as of July 2014 which means there will be free guided urs here t miss this out as lphins(!!!) have been sighted here! Getting Here: Check out the phojournal from when we visited Sisters Islands earlier this.

As I grew older the Arts House soon became a regular haunt for my theatre loving friends and I where we would sometimes drop by catch some lesser-kwn foreign art films or treat ourselves a whimsical play or two by budding local talents Besides the building's preserved architecture and somewhat Vicrian feel which lent a cosy ambience the event venues it was mainly the rich cultural diversity of events offered and their frequent showcase of local talent - a relatively rare find in many local contemporary arts spaces - that left its appeal on us and had us coming back for more It was a pity though that our tight budget as students we often had come a compromise on the events we could go for though we were always spoilt for choice.  Source: animal Lovers League   Unlike the other museums under the National heritage board, the Singaporean Art museum is an independent entity. This monumental structure was once the home of St Joseph’s Institution for a whopping 135 years It houses a multitude of contemporary art forms paintings and sculptures Special museum events including workshops outreach programmes and film screenings are often held complement the huge collections amassed in the museum. This pristine place is extremely popular among phography enthusiasts o Singapore Art Museum is easily accessible via MRT and is next Bras Basah Station and is in walking distance of both Dhoby Ghaut and Bugis stations. Free admission for Singaporeans and PRs only.  This is perfect for those who love all artsy The Arts House presents an extensive range stretching across film music theatre dance and more so you’re bound find something that’ll trigger that desire in you rush wn this cozy place.  TSL user eny_sayuri had this say about The Arts House:  I still remember my first visit the Arts House as a child It was catch a recital by my music teacher and having heard that the place was once a site for parliamentary meetings my inquisitive mind just could t help conjuring up images of government officials deep in debate in this refurbished concert hall all throughout the recital "Meetings must have been such a grand affair," I'd thought seeing the polished floors large chandeliers and exquisitely designed pillars. Being a 90s kid I’m serious when I tell you how much I miss those soft sand in playgrounds Well I grew up playing in that sort of playgrounds t having my eyes glued iPads! Head wn here reminisce happy childhood memories This dragon playground is ironically the last standing one in Singapore despite a Payoh uting many firsts   wnload the a Payoh Heritage Trail Brochure.  "my friend I am moved by your stuff " “… my friend am moved by your stuff…it is simply the best i have ever encountered in all my years on being part of this community …One very cute girl in particular was just amazed at the spontaneous cocky ny stuff that was just spouting out of my mouth! canned routines whatsoever…just pure improv!”Jack L - Montreal "It's the product that I've been wanting. Source: ion Orchard Read more reviews about Chek. 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Guys n't need ather lame relationship self-help book by some cr who's been divorced seven times Besides most relationship self-help books are written for women And usually she gets one of these “fix” her unhappiness and discontent Your girl might read it and hope you’ll be interested and want read it her but that’s t the way. Source: Dave Austria  A: Absolutely While the step-by-step methods described in the program have been "cusmized" address the needs of guys who have a they are essential in helping you start off right a woman In fact it's probably MORE important that guys who n't have a understand these strategies before get out of hand The most important part of getting a is *choosing a high quality woman* - which is a BIG part of this program I also show you how transition wherever you are a woman in making her want you as her boyfriend including getting out of the friends-only zone. 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Black GFs com 81 videos MyAlternativeGF 22 videos Kinky Family And you n’t even kw what the hell happened It feels like someone pulled the rug out from under you and then pushed you wn a flight of stairs And w you're afraid that you'll meet The One for you… … and it will happen all over again It’s much more agonizing lose a woman you’ve got than it is just mess up an approach a girl you barely kw or care about What Will You If You Run In HER morrow…? Look really what if you run in HER morrow…? You kw – The Right One for you you kw what right from the very start so you n’t. Read more TSL Singapore Art Museum reviews. Source: *SCAPE    It esn't matter if you're a urist or a local Those interested in kwing more about our roots will enjoy Singapore's sry being ld over a 2 hour 30 minutes-long walking ur.  reservations are necessary - just show up at Raffles Place MRT Exit B at street level on Saturdays and Sundays rain or shine They have two urs - the first highlights hidden treasure troves in the hisric Bras Basah & Bugis precinct The second explores the civic district and the scenic banks of the winding Singapore river More information can be found at their official site here.  Address: 2 Handy Road #03-02 The Cathay Singapore 229233   50 Travel The Most Ulu Places in Singapore Worth Going   These are definitely t places that come mind when you think of somewhere go That's what makes. Source: Fisherman Kaki Look how tranquil this place is! All the peace and quiet here ensure that the potential fishes you’re luring swim around your baits t away from your them.  Regardless of race language religion and social status anyone can visit The Singapore Buddhist Lodge and Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery for free vegetarian fare It is inherent in Buddhism be giving so most temples offer food people who walk in but these two locations are more picturesque than most and deserve a visit Remember be respectful the culture here and leave a nation if you can Address: 1. Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery: 88 Bright Hill Road Singapore 574117 2 The Singapore Buddhist Lodge: 17 Kim Yam Road Singapore 239329 Yishun Dam can be quite a romantic spot at night and was a key location in our of our Singapore love sries If you want a quiet spot out a special someone this is the spot for you Getting Here: Yishun Dam is largely accessible only by car and is situated along Yishun Avenue 1 Turn on your GPS if you aren't familiar. Source:  As soon as the sun sets and the evening comes it was almost dark and this is one of the best parks that i have ever went in Singapore It is very dim and i like the atmosphere The route wards either end of the parks might be quite a distance but it would be great for walking cycling jogging and even running There are water coolers for you drink up in case you can't find any shop It is an ideal place for family and friends gather and catch up Other than that i really enjoy prawning there It was a really good catch and the prawns are t that small either For a price of 33 for three hours it was indeed worth it Perhaps after a long walk along the park you could visit this prawning place and relax yourself Read more TSL reviews about Punggol Waterway Park. 30 I Wish I Knew Before Backpacking Across Southeast Asia  Especially for your convenience the videos are distributed in different categories such as: Amateur Porn Anal Porn Big Cock Porn POV Schoolgirls etc and also provided tags facilitate the search of your favorite amateur porn you can use the search bar or write us an email if you have any suggestions regarding the website or suggestions for content Also you can participate in the life of our porn tube uploading your own home videos or phos a sexy s so others can admire her nice ass and deepthroating skills We hope you will enjoy our free porn tube add it your favorites and become a frequent guest here! 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You n’t really want a “relationship” that takes ns of effort and pain make it work You want an abundant LIFESTYLE drama And that's where I come in I’ll show you the unconventional path that lets you work less and get more from the women in your life (lots more) If you've already got a you'll take what you have and push it through levels you've only dreamed of ‘til w And that's t fluff - I've ne it for just about any kind of guy out there If you n't have a yet - you will discover how choose the best possible woman for you – and start it right so that the attraction never burns out Because the best solution is … Source: Your Singapore The very minute you wnload my step-by-step system you will be able start getting results immediately The Training Program is jam-packed psychological “tricks” and techniques you can use the moment you read about them I lay it all out for you in a step by step easy follow system that any man can follow It’s a blueprint for success women I get e-mails all the time from my clients telling me how shocked they were at how simple and effective the information is and how practical and immediately useful the secrets techniques and strategies are t only that but I shaped the information get right the point – and give you information junkies more than your fill I trimmed out all the “fluff” but gave you several different ways experience the program. Source: ION Orchard   I had idea such a tranquil place could exist right in the heart of a shopping mall The ION Art Gallery exhibits contemporary works from both local and international designer artists at this dedicated visual arts space.  Source: drriss & Marrionn The simple fact is that women can hide their dirty secrets much better than men can And women are quick tell others when men cheat ON them But men almost never reveal the embarrassing humiliating truth when it happens them After all having your woman two-time you is the most painful thing that can happen a guy Here’s ather ugly truth: As many as 1 in 25 (and possibly as high as 1 in 10) of all children are T the biological child of the “father.” That’s right As many as 4 – 10% of all men are unkwingly raising ather man’s child “…researchers in Liverpool found that rates of cases where a man was t the biological father of his child ranged … as. The warm water here is blue You heard me blue t murky like what we’re used seeing at East Coast Park That makes this place perfect for srkeling especially since it is teeming biodiversity Some of Singapore’s richest coral reefs reside here.  I learned from a great many women that months before she actually breaks up a guy she’s already over him in her head – and in her heart And very often they’ve already lined up the next guy So she’s got an emotional life raft What have you got? The really amazing thing was when these women ld me that it would never have come this point if the guys had just seen the signs and taken action just a little bit sooner Women are unfaithful only because she wants more from her boyfriend or husband than she’s getting (I’m going show you what those signs are by the way Because if you n’t kw how spot the signals when they show up you’re as good. Perhaps you’re reuniting a long-lost friend from abroad or just want show that tinder match in Brazil the insane chemistry you’ll share in person Hey we’re t judging But we will if you miss out on this crazy opportunity So go on and invite a friend over and get them a free trip Singapore w! Source Source: crest Conminium This is a far cry from the luxurious hot springs you visit when you travel overseas but why complain when you n’t need fork out a single cent?  Tip: get the whole jacuzzi-esque experience you could lie on the ground and wait for the water shoot out on your back Getting Here: We visited Sembawang Hot Springs earlier this year so read about our experience here. We were given a short ur inside the gallery and we were taught in detail about the various processes the water goes through before it is bottled for us drink Needless say I was very surprised about the advanced techlogy and I then realised that NEWater is actually clean and safe for us drink.  After the visit I actually felt proud that Singapore managed come up such a beautiful and advanced piece of techlogy counter our water shortage problem I strongly recommend every Singaporean visit this place at least once especially those who have misconceptions about NEWater You can read more TSL reviews about the NEWater Visir Centre here. N’t forget that when you meet a high-quality woman you need kw how keep her interested in you These quality women are harder find – and they respond very different behaviors than the women you meet in some bar before closing time You gotta be her “Mr Right” – right from the very start The fact of the situation is that… Women Get Away This Because Most Guys LET Them! It’s t because we’re aren’t good guys It’s because we just n’t kw how sp the slippery slide wn the hill once it starts. By w I’m sure you want kw what this is all about right? Introducing: “The Training Program” After years of learning the art of attraction women back in 2002 I released my first book on the subject: The Dating Black Book I wanted this book help guys become successful women and dating And for the last 9 YEARS I’ve been working on all the tips for this program I’ve just completed: The Training Program It’s a “stealth” dating program that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your relationships women. Source:. This is a step-by-step blueprint for keeping your so attracted you that you will literally get tired of sleeping her and need tell her from time time I’m t trying be ny here I’ve had several women who just became so needy about sex that I had declare “time out” days for us just chill out I'm t complaining about that And when you realize that women will fall in this pattern when you handle them correctly you'll have a nice "high quality" problem o Oh and for you guys that are already in a relationship out there – this stuff works on ALL women s your wife esn’t matter What This Program Is T: This program is t about enslaving women or hyptizing them. Consisting of Alexandra Garden Trail Berlayer Creek mangrove trail and Bukit Chermin Boardwalk Labrar Nature and Coastal Walk is a trail under the purview of NParks Bring your friends chill here and spot schools of fishes on Bukit Chermin Boardwalk and look out for Giant Mudskippers (the largest mudskippers in the world) at Berlayer Creek! Getting Here: You can get Labrar Nature and Coastal Walk from Labrar Park MRT Station Learn more about Bukit Chermin Boardwalk here.   - Your Lasting Success Women   P.S.: In case you’re just skipping the end here or if you really need ather reason grab this offer w just remember: The ION Art Gallery is on the 4th floor of ION Orchard You can find out. A Payoh is a wn worth exploring for its super rich hisry - it’s the first wn developed by the HDB! Did you kw the 1973 South East Asian Peninsular Games was hosted in a Payoh Sports Complex?   Getting Here: You can get the observary from ION Orchard next Orchard MRT Get ION Art Gallery on Level 4 then take the lift from. And believe me by that point she WILL T CARE how she got there! Oh and one more thing: This system will t help you until you get it and USE IT So please yourself a favor and get the program right away so you can start learning these secret techniques… before some other guy es “What If I n’t Have A Right w?” Well here’s the straight truth: There’s a reason you n’t have the right woman in your life Whether it’s because you had break up her because she was a bad choice or she broke up you – you need kw why this happened so that you can: 1) Choose the right woman next time AND… 2) Kw exactly how keep her interested in you when you find a quality you n’t. Source: The J Babies Here you can find all genres of private porn: boyfriends big dicks and skinny s their favorite sex ys Teens always want try something new make sexual experiment and try a threesome t forgetting record it on the camera for a private homemade porn collection Oh and how many amateur blowjob scenes leaked the Internet from unsafe cloud srage or from hacked smartphone! A lot of s make erotic pictures of their shaved pussies or small boobs nice ass sending them their boyfriends But some of that guys are real jerks and they getting revenge by sharing her naked pictures and nude sex tapes on. Address: 288 South Bridge Rd Singapore 058840Getting Here: You can walk here from either Chinawn MRT or Tanjong Pagar MRT and it is just opposite Maxwell Market You can read TSL reviews on the Buddha's oth Relic Temple and Museum here. Led by a group of walking enthusiasts from NTU Singapore Footprints organises walking urs that take place every Saturday and Sunday All you need is turn up at their meeting point and join in the ! Leave sne unturned as you uncover Singapore’s hidden gems and popular attractions along the sries and hisries that come it.  Address: 219 Kallang Bahru #04-00 Chutex Building Singapore 339348 TheSmartLocal Office: 6514 0510 The opinions expressed by our users t reflect the official position of or its rights reserved 2012-2018 . These classes are part of my core seminar programs that I usually charge over $7900 for This high-level class includes coaching and personal guidance as well as access a special part of my coaching forum where I answer questions one-on-one w I knew that most guys probably couldn’t afford the larger course so what I did was strip out the weekly coaching calls and the personal guidance on the phone Chances are you won’t need that – and if you you can still sign up for my Platinum Coaching at a later date I also ok the CDs DVDs and workbooks and instead of spending thousands and thousands of llars on duplication (which would jack up the cost for you) I created a wnloadable version of this program that you can access in just a couple of minutes Yes. And in case you’re thinking it’s because he’s either A) rich B) good looking or C) kisses her ass win her approval – that’s t it at all This program was also shaped by the questions and suggestions from over 10,000 guys just like you I ok the most common questions and The Training Program will give you these secrets: Here you can admire the flora and fauna stroll jog cycle fly a kite take phographs or roller blade If that’s t eugh you can even work out at the fitness corner or fish! The list never seems end There’s a Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen outlet nestled here if you fancy some fried chicken after a -filled day out in the sun TSL member farshafarshahas this say: I went here last week enjoy my weekend a fresh getaway I wanted be away from the hustling and bustling city lives and headed here for a fresh air There are a few entrances the park I was from Tebing Lane itself where they have Popeyes Haibin Prawning and Fishing a futsal court and some seafood restaurants It was indeed a very peaceful park be at.  Well most of this problem as well as the problem of keeping a comes back around those same hot-butns for attraction You can actually inspire a woman be on her best behavior you – and rise up your standards instead of becoming a nagging drama queen Most of being successful women is kwing what qualities look for and how deal every kind of woman you meet along the way Some you can have as “play” s and some women you might want for long-term s or more But if you n’t kw how understand women’s psychology and choose well right from the very start you’re in for a rough ride There are also a N of “Red Flags” you need watch out for – warning signs that a woman is bad news Missing those clues could leave you rocketing off the edge of a very. Credit: Vitaliy Raskalov you n't have sneak illegally at the p of Swissôtel for this picture like this famous roof pper. There's a much safer way get an amazing view of Singapore. They n’t work like guys Women are complex and crazy I like think they’re o but when you’re in the agony of losing your that’s just t on your mind You just want kw how keep her attracted you But here’s the part you really need kw: Women are understandable and your can be handled so that you avoid the pain and the drama Remember: Women work on an “emotional logic.” This emotional logic is predictable and you can use it keep your happy attracted you and ONLY you OR you can keep falling in bad romance after bad romance because you’re t using it your advantage. If you're from a "Western" culture everything in The Training Program (GTP) should work like gangbusters In some other countries the "code" of how women and men interact is slightly different The main principles should translate well but you'll need adapt some of the techniques and application fit your culture Q: I'd really like order your system as it really looks amazing I'm a bit nervous about using my credit card though How safe is it really? A: That’s a perfectly understandable concern I was nervous the first time I bought something o but ordering has come a LONG way since then In fact ordering via credit card is w considered safer and more secure than many traditional forms of payment (ordering over the. If you’ve been ION Orchard a gazillion times but have never headed its 56th srey you need check it out  w. Surprise your next date the next time you're here  this hidden gem in the middle of wn!  In recent years Changi Beach have become a destination for many Malay families enjoy short camping trips especially on the eve of weekends and public holidays Although I miss the peace and quiet of previous years watching how so many different people enjoy themselves is sort of sometimes Tip: wnload the Changi Point Walking Map (PDF) here    Read more about TSL reviews about Changi Boardwalk.  Source: wsboon   Carlos Xuma: Teaching Men Fast & Easy Dating Skills. Good until: var d=new Date() var weekday=new Array("Sunday ","Monday ","Tuesday ","Wednesday ","Thursday ","Friday ","Saturday ") var monthname=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","June","July","Aug","Sept","Oct","v","Dec") (weekday[ ()] + " ") (monthname[ th()] + " ") ( e() + " ") ( lYear()) ('.') Source: Sky Scraper City "thanks and highly appreciated Moreover I would like let you kw that I love what I read in your e-mails about male and female psychology re courtship I wonder sometimes how come most of us including myself cant figure out these by themselves I wish I would have kwn these long ago and put them in practice earlier I will try pass on some of this kwledge my son "Carl C "I Love It!" "The program is great I love it! Every single guy should have a copy in his archive "David B "Worth every buck " "For the record I think these programs I have are great (!) and worth every buck "J S. Pay a visit find out more about our ancesrs and what they’d gone through for Singapore during the daunting World War 2 through letters phographs and drawings All those sacrifices they made aren’t forgotten as their legacies are preserved The Chapel was established as a tribute those very courageous individuals who’d given their all in protecting Singapore and her people   Address: 1000 Upper Changi Road rth Singapore 507707 You can read more TSL reviews about Changi Chapel here.  Why n’t you turn it around like this? Get her take YOU out for dinners… Have her calling you up invite you over for a late-night “booty call”… Get her setup your “guys night out” at the strip club… Kwing for sure that she’s igring any other guys that hit on her and telling them she’s taken… Have her show up at your work bringing you lunch – and a little gift she bought you… esn’t that sound much better you? It es me Stay me here because that’s what I’m going show. Source: archifest   Source: suburna Black GF 301 videos Xvideos 788 videos. It’s wnright EXHAUSTING try and find a new So these “seduction” skills won’t help you when you need keep her interested and attracted you as your And they also won’t sp her from straying if you n’t pay attention and “train her” correctly w when I say “train her” I really mean “educate her,” right? We men have show her how we want be treated Tell me if this sounds familiar: You meet a woman and you get her phone number You get a date and maybe you go out a few times but you can’t get anywhere her OR You go out on a date or two her but she winds up telling you she wants “just be friends.” OR All in all the Arts House certainly provides a unique space for both art buffs and explorers alike be acquainted a lesser kwn side of the local arts scene and take a quick breather from the hustle-and-bustle of city life Click here find out about upcoming events. Read more reviews here Address: 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429. You’ll get over 9 hours of video where I will explain and show you all the secrets of how take any woman in your life right w and transform her. Here's what TSL member wangkh has say about Farmart: When I first brought my children this place they asked me "Are we in Malaysia?" This place is so different from the rmal places that our children go that when they arrive they will think they are out of Singapore The interesting place visit is the small farm where they kept some animals Children can buy food for the animals and try feeding the animals There are goats rabbits and frogs Also there is a prawn fishing pond The otah from the coffee shop is also very good The shops surrounding the car park are also worth visiting you may find some different and cheap stuff there Remember bring mosquies patch when visiting and dress casual.  Read more TSL Farmart reviews here. Read about our writer Cherie's couchsurfing experience here, where she spent just $200 on accommodation over 2 months travelling across Europe Address: Your imer: This is meant for the more adventurous and curious ones out there.  Source: The. Read TSL reviews about Mount Faber Park here. What more can you ask for when you get picnic and enjoy free concerts nestled in the trees and flowers? The Singapore Symphony Orchestra regularly holds free concerts here and you can check out the amazing selection of botanical and horticultural attractions that make the Botanical Gardens one of Singapore’s most enduring attractions.  The famous Tembusu tree printed on your $5 te can be found here o Snap a selfie the tree and tell your friends how cool and huge it is!  Read more about the Botantic Gardens here. So you have be ON your game when you want make her your – because options are waiting for her THAT is why women can be so interested one minute and then tally flake out and disappear on you the next She’s just exercising her options And you got eliminated The truth is that everything starts kwing fire up a woman – make her your get the attraction going and get her interested in you the point where she finds you hyptically sexy – she’s completely turned on around you and always looking forward you asking her out again and again And if you n’t get it started up right her you’re going. Besides cafes Tiong Bahru has much more offer that’ll whet your curiosity about the area’s heritage Stumble upon countless cafes and quaint shops in the most unexpected corner or marvel at architectural wonders like the Art Deco buildings that have architecture that's longer being built Be sure check out popular independent book sre Books Actually just around the corner at Yong Saik Street Read more Tiong Bahru reviews and wnload the Tiong Bahru walking map.  Most guys T kw how start up so their will be worry and drama-free and everything is on aupilot they n't kw how start a that’ll give them the kind of sex attention and freem they dream about - it's just t something most guys can figure out on their own! And it takes more than just common sense choose a and start a relationship Relying on common sense women is a Sure-Fire Death Sentence! Or Are You Already Trained? I want tell you something that you might find shocking – or maybe you suspected all along: Did you kw that women are training you? It’s true Women even use that exact word when they talk about it “Training.” Before you get mad about that let me share something. Megan: “Wow! You’ve got him trained well!” (Laughs) Claire: “Tell me about it!” (Laughs) If you haven’t figured it out by w their giggles were t the warm loving laughter of women who cherish and admire their men it was the laughter of women who were celebrating Claire “pulling one over” on her boyfriend And all of the other women laughed because they wished they could train their boyfriends just like she did This isn’t the exception – this is pretty much the rule every woman out there Guys Get Stuck In These Nightmares All The Time… What About YOU? any of these sound familiar you? Stroll along the Changi coastline and bask in the glorious sunset as you whip out your camera capture the moment at the westernmost portion of the boardwalk While you’re at it admire the vast open sea and wering old trees there   TSL member xine has this say about Changi Boardwalk:  Changi Beach is one of my favourite beaches simply because like East Coast Park this beach also holds many memories for me I've been coming here for years witnessing it's transformation from a scarcely developed land forgotten by NParks the well-developed park attraction it is day complete the Changi Boardwalk across the river One unique attraction of Changi Park is the opportunity see planes roaring right over your head on their way the airport For those who haven't seen this spectacle before it's gonna be an eye opener. One of the main features here is the 10 Courts of Hell that tries imprint on your mind the nasty punishments one would have deal in hell depending on the severity of sins committed It is way past it's heyday when a boat ride used run through the 10 Courts but the good news is that it's w completely free enter Address: 262 Pasir Panjang Road Singapore 118628 Go here read more TSL Har Par villa reviews. The big secret is that women are attracted a set of specific emotional triggers and hot-butns that men can find and push They actually want you push them so that they kw you can “unlock” her heart These are the that sustain the attraction And the opposite is also true: There are a set of specific behaviors that men that completely DESTROY a woman’s attraction for him Statistically speaking – and from my experience in coaching men of all ages and in all backgrounds it’s very likely you are ing these attraction ntionally but ing them anyway – and driving women away It’s t your fault; it’s just that women are t good at communicating what they really want from men And you have realize: Masturbation 1845 videos Webcam Girls 589 videos Sckings Look I often talk about this process of starting and keeping going your as being like “ training.” I realize this can be shocking for some guys hear so I want explain that it’s t negative or derogary in any way It’s simply a fact of life What I’m talking about is that training your is just an educational process You get discover how women work and she gets learn how YOU work… …and more importantly she learns how respect and admire you as a MAN out those two elements of respect and admiration she’s going always want something else SOMEONE. Tip:  make your trip in Little India more pleasant and accessible wnload a self-guided walking ur iOS app called Waalkz here Also bring along an electronic hand held fan keep yourself cool. Every guy wants a woman that he can enjoy in the bedroom and have her practically tearing his clothes off for sex on a regular basis Women are instinctively programmed respond certain sexual triggers o The problem is that they are T the same as the ones that you respond Women will eventually lose interest in sex you… unless you kw what steps take prevent it Fortunately it’s easy keep the intimacy alive and make sure your sex life is still electric and hot When you give a woman the right environment in your relationship she will simply want sex more than you She will crave you and become almostaddicted the pleasure of sleeping you She will be the woman who says “YES” you all the time – instead of “.” 50 & Free For You In Singapore out Spending. She’ll go out you for a date that you spent a butt-load of time planning and arranging only have her tell you (after you ate out at that expensive restaurant of course): “Let’s just be friends…” Ever heard a woman say that? It’s like being punched in the smach a bowling ball The hell that! You n’t want “just friends” – you want freaky passionate sexy But she’s really hot so you think: “Hmmm… Friends is better than thing I guess.” So you go along it hoping sneak in the back or and prove her she should be your Only she keeps pushing you further and further away until you’re just ather person she complains about how there’s “ good men out there.” WTF? “What about ME???” you want scream. Like I say in the video I've designed the Training Program as a product "For guys." That means it's designed be digested quickly and get you results as fast as possible The main training videos will take you a few hours go through (though it's completely possible you'll want study them several times or review them on a regular basis.) The "Reference Ebooks" are meant be used as a reference and "bible" for you and aren’t meant be read cover cover And the "Speed Results" program is designed get you started right away and keep you motivated Order the system day and you'll be training your getting rid of the B.S and building attraction right away Cutting the chase: You'll be able start putting the system use right away as you start using it So reading "War and Peace" or anything. Source: World’s Best Places  Getting Here: We recommend starting from Kim Tian Road which is in walking distance of Tiong Bahru MRT After that you can head over Yong Saik Street Moh Guan Terrace Seng Poh Road and finally Eng Hoon Street. W this next part is going shock you: Here Is An Ugly Truth That Women n’t Want You Kw About… Most guys n’t kw this but it’s a fact: Women cheat as much as men If you listen all the urban myths out there they would have you believe that men are the gs always cheating on women right? Well the fact is that t only women cheat but women cheat on men as much as – if t more than – men And it’s increasing every year More and more women are seeking the comfort and warmth of ather man – someone that is T her boyfriend Chances are that he won’t ever find out about it even after she breaks up him Why. This is the only shop that makes the list and for good reason Am Comics is more than just a shop - it is a gathering place for people united in the love for comics I included Am Comics in the list because the owner Bruce ral Boudville welcomes fellow comic lovers in his enclave for discussions about their favourite superhero or villain whichever side you fall on This might be a place of business but it is the only place of business I have felt comfortable going in for a chat - just n't mention Sabreoth Bruce or you might find yourself stuck in there for days! Strongly recommended for anyone the slightest bit of interest in comics as you'll find a kindred spirit in Bruce whom you'll spend hours discussing your favourite characters here You can find Am Comics on the 4th floor of The Cathay which is 5 minutes from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Read more about Am Comics here. Even a can drop you cold and smp on your heart on the way out the or (One of my first s cheated on me my best friend while he was supposed be “guarding her” from other guys for me and then she sle money my bank card and crashed my car.) You need “crazy bitch” insurance – and the best kind is train your from the very start respect and appreciate you – and she will never let it go wn the drain CLICK HERE: get The Training Program… Ask any woman and she will confirm it: Women are always “in the game.” She’s always got a guy (or two) on the line that she can go out on a moment’s tice She may or may t be interested in him but she’s got her ‘orbiters’ waiting for a chance take her out You kw that woman you just met and got her phone number? Maybe you even have a date setup? I hate tell you this but she’s seeing her “other guys” right w o You probably think she’s this sweet lonely girl who sits home and watches cable in her fuzzy pajamas but she’s t She’s screening several guys at once You’re just ather contestant on the “Who Gets Her?” game show friend. The reason women go through this pattern men – almost the exact same way each time – is because she’s expecting YOU set the boundaries of the relationship for her so she kws where “out of bounds” is (There’s an art this and I’m going explain how it works in a minute.) Ultimately we all train other people how treat us They learn how manipulate and control us and then they lose all respect for us It’s t like this all the time your friends but it happens ALL THE TIME s One of the biggest tests a woman gives is give you eugh rope see if you’ll really hang yourself And – unfortunately – most guys I’ve got scars from it… I suspect you might o So if women are training men like this how can you expect win? I am so sure of your success this program I guarantee it 2 times in 2 different ways: GUARANTEE 1: If for ANY reason you are t completely satisfied “The Training Program” – even if you n’t like the shirt I’m wearing or the ne of my voice on the recordings just send me a personal email any time in the next 365 days for a full prompt red and I will insist you keep all of my bonus gifts for you FREE just for giving “The Training Program” an honest evaluation. Two merlions are at One Fullern We call this the Mommy and Daughter Merlion Daddy Merlion is at Sensa and you can even climb up all the way the p Two smaller Merlions are at Mount Faber and the headquarters of the Singapore urism Board Finally the last three Merlions are heartlander Merlions One is located at Woodlands (pictured above) and two are along Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 Read more TSL reviews about the main Merlion Park. According The Ecomist Singapore is world champion when it comes most expensive cities live in have become more expensive in Singapore but we still need eat and make merry So we decided come up a list of 50 best you can in Singapore for F R E E! But before we go in our list here’s sharing the biggest freebie of them all For those of you who have friends or family overseas (that means all of you!) join STB’s contest and invite them Singapore There will be 25 global winners for this contest and STB will pay for their return airfare accommodation and fulfil that dream experience as submitted in their could invite that childhood penpal you always wanted meet or someone that you met while studying overseas or on holiday You w have the chance share them your slice of Singapore That’s exactly what happened Prague Film school buddies Daphne and Sindri in this. If you thought Singapore was beautiful during the day you should see it at night Feast your eyes on amazing night views in the city area where iconic architectural structures light up after sunset!  The Esplanade Roof Garden is one of those prime locations where you can enjoy a laid-back evening a date After a meal and strolling along the Singapore river you can go the roof enjoy an ubstructed view of Marina Bay Sands the Singapore River and One Fullern This was just one of the locations featured in our guide the most romantic places in Singapore Address: 8 Raffles Ave Singapore 039802. It esn’t matter if she’s someone you just met or your new or the woman you’ve been for 5 years or the woman you’re married Women let you think that you won them then they will start losing interest in you the minute you start ACTING like you’ve won her You should read that last sentence again It’s critical Look maybe you’re t getting dumped… What If You’re Just Trying Find A QUALITY ? There’s also the other side of the coin – maybe you’re trying find a woman that’s WORTH staying and you end up having break up and keep looking – over and. Source: Mumzilla You can visit and feed the animals at Farmart for free and get up close their farm animals such as goats rabbits and rises Although you'll have purchase the animal feed at a small cost entrance Farmart. This list of free you’ll never have worry about t going out because "sure spend a lot of money." There's still plenty enjoy on this little island we call home! And there’s better time invite a friend over Singapore w because free return air tickets are always nice You’ll get the program in video audio and in a set of reference ebooks that details the system step-by-step and that you can refer over and over You’ll also get my original Attraction Maps™ blueprints that you can use see how the information is all connected in the big picture There’s a n of tips tactics strategies and techniques – and it’s all easy consume and use right away Get the fast information from the tes or take your time the videos Listen the audio while you’re in your car or on your iPod You choose the way you want devour this program You can even access the whole program from your private login in my private VIP membership site - And I’m also going send you a program DVD that you can use in your computer access the COMPLETE Training Program And it’s all available you INSTANTLY As soon as you reserve your copy This is the meaty practical step by step blueprint that can be put in action the minute you start using it   "this program is rock solid!" "This program is rock solid! The awareness it gave me saved me a few times when I was in a relationship an old that was getting rocky It was like I could see before they were happening and this in itself helped my better understanding about the situation.I sort of fell in Xuma's material from a ranm e-mail I received from David Wygant talking about the Training Program - which turned out be the best investment in this area I've made.I've tried other programs and by far Carlos's is the best! I still see it like a secret weapon because I kw a lot of friends who study the Mystery Method or David D's stuff which is great but Carlos's is the absolute best The GTP is still my favorite "Mike F - Hamlin NY Being a music enthusiast I believe the Esplanade library has proven itself be a useful avenue for me collect information regarding music as well as borrow music scores that I have difficulty finding elsewhere I was also pleasantly surprised yesterday when I visited the library because there was a violin performance going on which I did t kw about I definitely enjoyed the performance and I hope more such events will be put up! For more details about which acts will be playing check this link out.  This program is about how keep her in you – obsessed and infatuated you like an addict needing her next “fix.” But I bet you’re wondering… Why Should You Listen Me? What makes me so special? What qualifies me teach you how train your and take back the power in your relationship? The simple. This is all about getting her in you eugh want see you – and ONLY you And eventually – maybe – even fall in love you It’s that feeling of control and power at the start that you want keep forever And it’s also about kwing which women choose and which leave behind You want her as your “YES!” girl right? Always says YES when you call her ask her out 2) Keeping her walking on air – happy and tally attracted you You want keep her in you and even obsessed and addicted you if possible This also includes keeping the sex hot and and kwing how satisfy her at a physical level It’s that seemingly magical ability delight a woman and keep her excited be you 3) Understanding what she’s thinking – and kwing how deal different types. Source: Garmin Start your little adventure at Tekka Centre a smach full of authentic thosai and teh tarik Tekka Centre houses a food centre wet market and every little nitty gritty thing you can think of!  Revel in the strong aromas of jasmine flowers and an array of spices and herbs while you set your sights on the many quaint shops selling anything and everything from prayer items flowers Indian sweet treats gold jewellery! Trail past monumental structures like the Tan Teng Niah House (a Chinese villa) and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple as you journey along.  You’re t alone I’ve had all of these happen me and over the years I’ve coached thousands of guys similar problems You meet a girl get going and then for one reason or ather (you never figure out exactly why) it all comes an end And you kw what else? It’s t your fault! Women have been training guys from the very first date shape and “mold” you in the kind of boyfriend they think they can wrap around their finger And you probably had idea it was happening you! Women have been training guys. Spread some love the furry friends at S.P.C.A or Animal Lovers League! These organizations could more hands and love take te that this is easy task as it requires a whole lot of commitment hard work love and passion for caring for animals As an animal lover this cause is close my heart because it pains me whenever I hear about cases of helpless or abanned animals. These furry little ones have feelings just like us but they n't always have the support they need If you'd like spend some spare time volunteering you can check out the links here and here.  If you're Singaporean you probably kw someone Peranakan Visit this gem in the east learn more about their culture The owner of Kang Antique House Mr Peter Wee is a fourth-generation Peranakan and is always glad share his kwledge visirs Learn about the colourful sries that shaped the Singapore day as we kw it Be wowed by all the pretty colourful and intricate ornaments costumes crockery and furniture.  Address: 208 East Coast Road Singapore 428907 Read more TSL Kang Antique House reviews. My ld me about a conversation she had some of her s over coffee a few days ago Here – listen in on their conversation: Megan: “So you’re saying that you got your boyfriend – that big macho guy – all the cooking and cleaning in your house?” Claire: “Yup! It’s great I can go out and just have the girls Just like right w Oh and you kw what the best part is?” Megan:“He’ll give you a massage when you get home?” (Laughs) Claire: “Probably! But that’s t it Get this – he even walks my g Precious for me He wanted go his friends a Giants game day but I convinced him watch Precious instead.” Source: NUS Museum Source: Calvin Cheng 10 INSANE Singapore Food Challenges - Eat FREE and become a LEGEND! This 10 km trail leads from Mount Faber NUS going through Hort Park and Henderson Waves The Southern Ridges offers paramic views of both the natural and urban parts of Singapore Suitable for most people out medical issues the trail is t o arduous and most parts of it are accessible families young kids.  Be sure bring a camera sunscreen and extra water as the walk can get quite long Find out more about the Southern Ridges by reading our TSL reviews here. Women are different than men (I kw that’s obvious…) And unless you understand how they work you will probably meet the same horrible fate as millions and millions of men every year: painful breakups divorce or cheating that you might t find out about for months or years And unlike women these tragic situations leave men emotionally scarred and afraid of risking their hearts again women Look let’s be real here: Women are a complete mystery. You can watch these private porn sex videos and phos at any time in unlimited amounts and for free access Also we try post interesting sex sries about hot and seductive young s who really want fuck and often cheating their guys other men (and sometimes girls because we also stream lesbian homemade porn where young girls everything satisfy their sexual appetite! Source: walter Lim This mega-sized horticulture haven is one of land-scarce Singapore’s latest attractions Man-made on reclaimed land Gardens by the Bay provides her visirs fantastic waterfront views and a massive selection of unique plants trees and flowers.  You need check out the monstrous Super Trees! They’re vertical gardens that light up when dusk falls It’s just so cool that these lights thrive on environmentally-friendly solar power Getting Here: Gardens by the Bay is situated next Bayfront MRT Station. That’s why I created The Training Program So that you would never have worry about having deal 99% of the B.S that most guys out there have deal out there And that’s why this information is so essential for EVERY man regardless of his “relationship status” on Facebook So if you’ve got a woman and you want keep her hot for you or you want a woman and need make sure you avoid most of the mistakes by choosing her right from the start – The Training Program will help you Guaranteed. 10 Forgotten Singapore Islands Explore out Your Passport! This post was brought you by #SG50. Unleash the latent graffiti and skateboarding artist in you At Somerset Skate Park (beside Somerset MRT Station) it is legal odle or draw on the walls and ramps There is absolutely phemenal space for both budding and experienced graffiti artistes express themselves Whether you're new at this or are secretly the legendary Banksy there's space for you here! Bonus: You get "vandalise" in broad daylight and t get dragged away by the cops This place is also popular amongst youth skateboarders Learn more about Somerset Skate Park here Directions: Take a train Somerset MRT The skate park is right. I bet you’ve had one of those situations happen you at one time or ather s are cool but one really tells you what it takes keep her keep her happy and keep her addicted like a junkie pull you back in bed her – again and again So w what you need is: Turn These 4 ughest Challenges Women In 4 Easy Vicries… Most guys have challenges women – that’s secret And there are FOUR big areas where we find it hard deal s: 1) Starting up a relationship This is all about kwing how read different women and t get caught unaware or off-guard It’s also about kwing if she’s the right one for you and how avoid the women that are wrong for you 4) Handling conflicts and arguments And this skill is all about how communicate and connect women – and how fix when there’s a problem It’s also about how read a woman’s signals and how recover when you blow it This all might sound like some kind of fantasy or something but I’m here tell you that you can actually master these abilities women – so that you never have feel like you’re the one being “trained,” your is always hot and attracted you like a fly honey and you never need worry about her leaving you for some. The Esplanade is the place go catch free concerts These are typically held in the ir concourse area or the our theatre A myriad of performances spanning dance theatre vocals recitals and music are all showcased.  TSL member shelbypinkheart has good memories about the Esplanade: I've been Esplanade a couple of times and it never fails surprise me every single time There are always new up for display that intrigues your imagination and inspires you For those who are passionate for the arts this place is definitely where you should visit get some inspiration for your next artwork music composition or dance choreography I especially like visit the roofp take a short break from my hectic lifestyle the amazing view of the architecture in Singapore I often can't help but take ns of pictures though I'm t. Date Slam 29 videos Fake Cop 32 videos Tricky Agent You might find this venue familiar if you watched wuxia flicks on Channel 8 when MediaCorp was still kwn as TCS Our heroes and heroines soared through the skies Xiao Guilin as the backdrop while they battled their foes Xiao Guilin is the nickname of Bukit Bak wn Park given for its likeness the scenery in Guilin China A huge granite rock sitting in a lake is the main attraction and there are two me-shaped shelters that offer a paramic view of the place.  Besides snapping pictures this as your backdrop and posting on Facebook that you’re on a secret getaway China you get take in all the greenery and fresh air You can even join some senior citizens as they have their morning exercises there! And if one park isn’t eugh Bukit Bak Nature Park is a mere 20 minute walk away Also read - 20 signs you grew up as a Westsider in Singapore. Just ADDED var d=new Date() e( e()-2); var weekday=new Array("Sunday ","Monday ","Tuesday ","Wednesday ","Thursday ","Friday ","Saturday ") var monthname=new Array("Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","June","July","Aug","Sept","Oct","v","Dec") (weekday[ ()] + " ") (monthname[ th()] + " ") ( e() + " ") ( lYear()) : Special Bonus! You'll get additional surprise bonus tips and strategies from: Marni from Wing Girl Method Karen Brody - Seduction Secrets 101 Up Your Attraction - Josh R The Guru Black Book Exclusive Tips Avid bird-watchers frequent this place as rare birds frequently flock here Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve boasts an exceeding variety of bird species and you get encounter mangrove swamps and wildlife creatures here Those who have lady luck guiding them can see crocodiles and otters!  We n’t want go out every weekend isy bars hoping “pick up” some girl who we will probably never see again - We want have someone we can sit home and watch movies … - We want a go out and have … - We want someone have some amazing intimate “adventures” in the bedroom … - We want a woman who will accept us for who we are… - We want a who will support us and lift us up… Just trying get ONE is hard eugh Trying find a new every few weeks just becomes tiring after a while Wait… Who am I kidding? So go on and tell us an interesting sry Watching your friend eat Chilli Crab next you could very soon be a reality All you have is submit a pho depicting the experience you’d like share them The Singapore invites contest ends 6th December so hurry up and join w! Oh and here are 50 anyone can for free in Singapore Whoever said there was such a thing as a free lunch needs read more of our articles.

This is t a program that is negative or belittling women in any way If you’re t familiar my reputation of teaching I never represent women as anything but fantastic and wonderful human beings This is also t about tricking or deceiving women The thing most guys never learn is that when you use deceptive methods keep a woman it will always backfire on you That’s why you won’t find any kind of “subliminal” messages use on your woman It’s also t a system for meeting women or approaching women I’ve already covered that completely in my other programs And honestly you probably need less help that – and more help how keep her attracted you after you. Source: Jerry Wong Everyone kws of the Merlion Park at One Fullern But that's t the only one! Go on a Merlion hunt and explore Singapore.  Movie Mob gives you the best old-school our movie experience you can dream of The drive-in concept and picnic events are popular among those in the community.  Screenings take place at different locations all across Singapore Plus you get vote for the movie you want watch! I say this beats having shell out about $12 for a weekend movie ticket at the cinema.  Follow their Facebook page for updates.  Source: Wikimedia Commons  If you ever wondered what it’s like being the owner of a hostel this is your chance experience all the cultural exchanges that are going happen in the comfort of your own home. Basically you create a website on Couchsurfing then your homework and make sure your couchsurfers are trustworthy before you welcome them in your home an open mind You then provide the couchsurfers a couch or spare mattress sleep on If you’re t that adventurous Couchsurfing gives you the option of hosting couchsurfers just for a drink or a meal - still allowing you meet people from all over the world out the risk of inviting them in. Take your pick from the National Museum Asian Civilisations Museum Peranakan Museum Reflections at Bukit Chandu and Our Museum @ Taman Jurong We personally recommend the ACM and Peranakan museum as the must visits It may be a good change drag a shopaholic friend along so you can save some money and learn something new Visit the NHB website for more information.  Source: But then you call her up one day and she tells you she’s feeling a little “under the weather.” Maybe she’s got a “friend” visiting her from out of wn Whatever the excuse is and a lot of times the reason is even true she purposely let that reason get in the way of YOU my friend And when you’re t a priority her you’re in deep trouble And then never seem recover after that She eventually either pushes you away so hard that you have break up her or eventually she dumps you I kw this sounds harsh but it’s a pattern that goes on ALL the time men and women The 6 Warning Signs That You're About Be Eliminated… The pattern goes. Hey I’m t proud of that It’s t cool what I did and I learned my lesson I also n’t conne that guys this either In my defense though many of these women didn’t even tell me they had a boyfriend (or hubby) until after we started seeing each other So I’m here tell you from EXPERIENCE why it is that women cheat on their boyfriends and husbands I’ve laid next them in bed as they talk about their “loser boyfriends” (her words t mine) and why it is she actually enjoyed sneaking around on him like this t all women will cheat on you Some women will simply have the decency break up you. 20 Singaporean Street Names And The Fascinating Sries Behind Them This is the pinnacle of my teachings because it takes all the attraction tips tactics and techniques that you’ve used so far get started a woman and focuses them like a laser beam on the goal of being able actually KEEP any woman interested in you For a night or for a lifetime it will w be up you what happens her For the short and long-term Finally you can kw all the secret strategies that the guys beautiful desirable wives kw about These guys kw that their women are hot properties and if they drop the ball for one second she’s got options lined up around the block These guys have a skill for keeping their women trained feel attraction for him – 24 hours a day/7 days. Source: William Cho Situated at the far Eastern edge of Pulau Ubin this is a  a good option if you want a short getaway from busy city life that costs next thing Pack lots of sunscreen homemade sandwiches and bottled water and you’re good go!  Tsl member Lee Si Min clearly enjoyed her time here: I visited Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve my family recently and it was a trip well worth our time and effort Even though the place is hard find and get the serenity and sights offered by Sungei Buloh is a great break from our usual high-rise concrete buildings back in the city I like how the layout of the place is very neat and well-organised signboards adequately placed everywhere so we didn't have spend a lot of effort find our way around the place Go early eugh in the morning and you will be able see lots of different bird species upclose their colourful feathers The nature scenery offered by the wers and lookout points is stunning greenery as far as the human eye can see.  “… When I used Carlos’ program I straightened out my behavior guys and girls… I’d tell guys buy his products before anything else on the list It’s the product that I’ve been wanting all along but couldn’t find…”Steve F "Grow a pair of balls get yourself gether and take these steps " “When I used Carlos’ program he put thing really in a great perspective He is authentic and genuine as well as extremely informative He gave me a kick in the ass which really helped me localize what work on myself …Carlos simply put wn understandably what made my ex so keen on having me back even after i kicked her. Source: SG Club Haw Par Villa was established by the founders of Tiger Balm impart traditional Chinese values the community through statues and dioramas inspired by Chinese mythology legends and Confucianism   Big groups shouldn’t face any issues finding the perfect spot for all sit and chill comfortably Kids and adults will love this space equally as there’s something for everyone! You can fly kites or have a picnic here.  Read more Marina Barrage reviews Address: 8 Marina Gardens Dr Singapore 018951.